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Paradise in minutes

After sending two of our Receptionists over to Lady Elliot Island, we are hooked! Have a look at their feedback and why YOU should go check it out!:

Kirsten (Front Office Manager)

When first coming into view of Lady Elliot Island on the plane, it looked like such a small island! You literally use the whole length of the Island to land the plane, it was crazy! But even though LEI looks small, it is so so beautiful and considering it started off with nothing but bird ‘droppings’, to see the amount of trees and wildlife now is phenomenal!

We were greeted with nothing but smiles and received a complimentary drink on arrival, which I thought was very welcoming. We got ourselves set up for snorkelling and off to the Lagoon we went. Being a first time snorkeler, it took me a little time to get use to breathing underwater – such a weird feeling! The beautiful coral and marine life you see in the water quickly distracted me though! It was so pretty, I could have spent all day out in the lagoon – you can even spot turtles there if you’re lucky!

Then we went out for the glass bottom boat tour! Manta Rays, Turtles and so so many fish! We even got to see dolphins! Snorkelling out in the deep was such a surreal experience, I really enjoyed myself and the staff were very helpful when anyone had questions – they know their stuff!

We headed back in for lunch and I was quite surprised at the quality and range of food that was on offer (considering everything has to be flown on and off the island), even the cleanliness and décor of the cabins and other accommodations available was really quite impressive. Eco cabins to Ocean View Units, they have really covered all the bases for different types of travellers. There is an information centre and so many different activities that load you with information on the range of flora and fauna and I would definitely recommend checking out the old Lighthouse and Graveyard to get some history of LEI! They have a Volleyball court, Pool (although I can guarantee you will be spend all your time out snorkelling!), and loads of tours like bird watching, fish feeding - heaps of different things that are suitable for kids!

I really had such a great day looking at everything and learning about the Island and Great Barrier Reef. And the best part is – it’s an ECO Resort! Their carbon footprint is at bare minimum and it shows!

I urge you to see for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!

Alessia (Function and Events Coordinator)

I had the pleasure of being invited to go over to Lady Elliot Island for a day trip, to experience the wonder of the island. At first I was apprehensive of going on the small plane, but that fear soon faded when seeing all the beautiful sights out of the window. The amount of whales and dolphins you see is incredible.

When first arriving on the island, you are greeted by the friendly staff, and taken to an orientation, in which you are served a complimentary drink and your itinerary for the day. You are provided with snorkel equipment and rushed off down to the lagoon. When you are snorkelling in the lagoon, you are met with so many different species of fish and other sea life.

Before you know it is time to jump out of the lagoon and head off in the glass bottom boat. This experience is amazing! Whales, dolphins, turtles and of course the locally famous, manta rays - all up close encounters. Then the anchor is dropped and its time to jump off the side of the boat and go snorkelling on of the many diving points. As a not very strong swimmer this was very daunting, but I found some courage and jumped in and boy was I glad that I did. Under the water it looks like something out of Finding Nemo and we certainly found Nemo, Dory and all of their friends. The coral playground was a sight of marvels in which I encourage everyone to see at some stage throughout their life, it is a beauty for all ages to enjoy. The Snorkelling and diving facilities accommodate the shy beginner to the confident experts, with special diving lessons in the pool, you too will become an expert.

Although the only place anyone should be is in the water, if you choose to have a break there are many other activities to participate in on the Island. There is fish feeding, bird watching, history tour, walking tracks, information centre, swimming pool, volley ball courts, pool tables and kids play sets. If you choose to stay on the Island, there are many different accommodation types to suit your needs. There is the Eco Cabins which is suitable for those who wish to have more of a camping style, otherwise there are Reef and Ocean View units for more of a resort style accommodation.

I had such a wonderful experience and can’t wait to go for another trip over!


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