Feb 20

Sink hole rumours at the Burnett Riverside Motel Not true

A MULTI-storey Bundaberg hotel near a sinkhole that claimed a marine business on the Burnett River has been found to be structurally safe.A Bundaberg council engineer together with a Consulting Structural Engineer have inspected the footings of the Burnett Riverside Hotel."Following the inspection the structural engineer has spoken with the building's design engineers in Brisbane," a council statement said."The building is founded on piles driven to sufficient depth to cater for any likely bank collapse or erosion and thus the building remains structurally safe."

A council spokesman said the Quay Street area on the south side of the river remained open to the public.

Mayor Mal Forman has warned more businesses in the area around Quay Street could fall away.

Source The Australian online

Don't believe everything you read, as we cannot believe the beat-up that this has caused yesterday and the loss of trade generated by officials and the media who have no idea about what actually happened. The erosion to the riverside quay, built into the river and constructed with soil not rocks, is simple the river reclaiming her old ground. The erosion event actually took place closer to the King Tides that came on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of February as the pictures below show. Note the blue box on the far side of the erosion hole and how it has NOT moved in TEN days, the building was eroded by the tide from below and the use of poor construction materials not some majical "sink hole" or very recent rainfall.

The first photo is dated 09/02/2013, the second is the 19/02/2013

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